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What is Vocaboo?

Vocaboo are educational apps for learning the basics of a foreign language.We build the thematic catalog glossary for learning English as a native language. Designed for children of all ages, beginners learn the language with their parents or on their own.

Developers - young parents

Development team - young traveling parents who dream that their children effectively develop and to spend time at home and on the road, learning foreign languages ​​from an early age.

Essensial words and phrazes

We chose the 1200 basic words from all walks of life, which the child is fluent in 2-3 years in their native language. These words plus the most used phrases with them illustrated with colorful pictures and high resolution video clips. For convenience, the words and phrases are distributed by themes: Man, House, Food, Animals, Farm, City, Technology, Ocean, Space ...

Voiced by natvie speakers

Vocaboo teaches listening and repeating words and phrases with the correct pronunciation. Each thematic glossary of more than 100 words and 200 phrases pronounced by native speakers for whom English - native language.

Method of Endless Surfing

Unique method: study the word is associated with several phrases (examples of usage), from which you can jump to other words. No longer need to cram unintelligible words! They are easy to remember, associative linking to pictures pinned down. Comfortable uncluttered interface based on the method of infinite surfing on the studied words, interconnected semantic connections. This method allows the learning process to follow the child's attention, without imposing any limits.

More information

Chances are that the Mute switch on the side of the iPad just above the volume buttons is on. Please make sure that the switch is in the off position so that the orange dot is not showing. If this doesn’t work, go to the parent’s corner from the start screen and then click on the